The zero carbon aircraft disrupting growth markets

A revolution

The world has started a massive energy revolution - replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy resources. For aircraft transport this means battery power now for smaller and shorter range aircraft, then hydrogen or hybrid power for medium size and range, and eventually renewable fuels for larger aircraft and longer range.

Over 400,000 fossil fuelled GA aircraft must be replaced or refitted to complete this revolution. But in addition, the lower operating costs and almost silent flight will expand existing markets and open up new ones. This revolution has already begun with the first battery-powered aircraft being used for pilot training.

First-movers will be conventional aircraft operating from the thousands of smaller airfields that already exist. They will revolutionise the flightseeing, air taxi and air cargo markets. These can be certified for a modest cost using digital twin and rapid prototyping technology.  By contrast, electric vertical takeoff aircraft (eVTOLs) require a massive new infrastructure and cost many times more to develop.

The FLIMAX electric aircraft can initially disrupt any market that can be served with a limited payload and range. As battery technology develops, these boundaries will improve and new markets will become viable. By 2050, almost all general aviation markets will be served by battery-electric aircraft. FLIMAX aims to lead this market. Indeed the initial FLIMAX airframe can be retrofitted every few years to dramatically improve its range over time.

The start

Basic principles

Focus on simple aircraft that can be certified quickly, and which will enable us to build a major market presence and reputation.

Build pure electric piloted aircraft, that are simpler than fossil fuel aircraft and with much lower operating costs.

Utilise the extensive network of existing GA airfields.

Use digital twin design to minimise the time and cost of building and testing prototypes.

Build FLIMAX in micro-factories close to key markets.

Quickly build market share, brand and experience.

Start with a flightseeing aircraft - a large market with minimal competition.

Develop a single platform for a range of markets.

Design for improvements over time in battery, motor and control technologies.

Provide extensive computer assistance for the pilot.

Use one-shot moulding and 3D printing to minimise production costs.

Build additional revenue from supplying charging equipment, flightseeing content, battery replacements and upgrades, avionics, etc.

FLIMAX is designed around an all-electric powertrain to dramatically reduce operating costs and noise. This common platform will be used to revolutionise several high-growth markets. These are shown here, starting with the FLIMAX-S, used for flightseeing.

FLIMAX roadmap

Phase one

FLIMAX_S The world's first purpose-built flightseeing aircraft

Phase two

FLIMAX-T Fast cross-country air taxi journeys at low cost.

Phase three

FLIMAX-C Middle mile cargo deliveries to remote places.

Be part of the revolution

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